Survey Technology

Using surveys successfully as tools for better managing your operation really comes down to two things: technology and know-how. 

The best survey technology in the world won’t keep you from asking the wrong questions, missing important conclusions or failing to act on what you learn. However, know-how without good technology can result in corrupted data, and/or slow your process down so much that you cannot act on the survey results in a timely fashion.

survey technology - opinions inc

What We Offer

Offering scannable and web-based survey options​

Capability of blending multimode surveys​

Ability to provide paper​

Flexibility in survey and program design – ability to custom design​

Easy to read reports available online in Interactive Report Viewer™ (IRV™)​

Reports designed for easy analysis​

IRV™ cuts data easily and without additional charge​

Provide reliable and secure survey logistics and hosting​

Preserve the confidentiality of all responses​

Ensure quick turn-around, providing survey results within days of the close of the survey period​